Adult Care


Family Care Group’s award winning physicians and nationally recognized practice offers primary care and internal medicine services to patients of all ages.

Daryl C. Wiley
MD, CMD, Board Certified Family Medicine

Chris Sheppard
MD, Board Certified Internal Medicine

Scott Stamper
Nurse Practitioner

Robert Polglase
MD, Board Certified Emergency Medicine

Merritt McLaughlin
MD, Board Certified Family Medicine

Tyler Provost
DO, Board Certified Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Michael McDaniel
Physician Assistant

Megan Wiley
Nurse Practitioner


It is important to see your doctor at least annually for a wellness checkup.  At Family Care Group of Thomson, we pride ourselves in the focus of the wellness of our patients.  We offer services which include but are not limited to Women’s Health including pap smears, bone density screening, labs and annual physicals, Men’s annual physicals, labs and screenings, Medicare annual wellness visits, and other preventative health screenings.  Annual wellness visits are an opportunity to coordinate care and ensure proper screenings, evaluations, and immunizations are completed at recommended ages.


We offer sick care including evaluation and treatment for illnesses such as cold/flu, sore throat, fever, allergies, sinus infections, gastrointestinal viruses, urinary tract infections, acute injuries including minor lacerations and burns and much more.  We offer same day sick care appointments.


Our practice also focuses on preventing and managing chronic medical conditions.  Our physicians coordinate high quality care for the treatment of Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, Cholesterol Management, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Obesity, just to name a few.  Our providers will monitor your chronic medical condition, manage your medications, and educate you on prevention, risks, diet, exercise and living with your condition.


The resources listed below can help to educate you on the best ways to stay healthy.  Please CLICK on the links below for more information!